Your Ultimate Guide to Kuta, Lombok

When you first hear Kuta,  you would probably think of Kuta in Bali and imagine the trashy bars. But no this is the other Kuta, the more laid back Kuta, where alcohol isn’t sold in Indomaret or Alfamaret and no one, okay not no one, maybe not much people are hustling for your money and that’s probably the charm of Kuta.

Where to Stay

We stayed in Yuli Homestay, which only costs about $40 SGD per night.You get to stay in your own private hut with A/C , Fan and cold shower. Note there is no TV, hot shower, so this place is not meant for the fancy.

Breakfast is included and the Owner Yuli is very helpful in helping you plan the trip.


There are two pools for you to swim and laze around. PS: you can do star gazing here and it’s the best view of stars you can possibly get.


Breakfast at Yuli’s.

Your options include Fried Eggs, Scrambled Eggs on Toast or Banana Pancake. Fresh Fruit Juices,  Fresh Cut Fruits and Coffee or Tea.

Getting Around Kuta

Kuta is fairly a small area for you to get around. Motorbikes can be rented for $5/day and fuel can be topped up from any small kedais (shops) you can see along the way. If you are not too confident of getting around in a Motorbike, you can always rent a car for $50/day  for one whole day, morning to night and that’s what we did.

Mawun Beach


Long stretches of beach, Mawun is pretty chill or so I thought until I lost my sunnies to the huge waves. HAHA, clear water and amazing waves. About 20 minutes from Yuli’s, this a chilled out place for you just to beach bum.  Kids will be selling Bintangs and will casually chat you up. Speak to them, they are actually quite hilarious.

Beach chairs are available for rent for about $2, you can chill on these chairs once you are done with swimming with a HUGE coconut for like $3

Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak is a fantastic surfing beach, you can see a lot of beginners learning how to surf and the beach is a really long nice strip.



We had our lunch at one of the warungs here. Nasi Goreng for like $3 and Kari Ayam, which tasted a lot like lontong for $3. Bintangs cost $2 and coconuts $3.

Warung owners are very chill and speak casually to you in Bahasa, unlike Kuta, Bali where they hustle so hard that it gets quite annoying.



Bukit Pantai Seger

This had to be the best move of our trip. After swimming and burning ourselves at the beach, we decided to head towards Warung Turtle in Tanjung Aan. Highly recommended by our driver, we decided to go there for a couple more Bintangs and I had coffee which was REALLY good, rather surprisingly.  When we reached Tanjung Aan, it was raining so  we decided to just chill in the cafe. Just as we were about to leave the cafe, we asked the owner for recommendations and he recommended us to climb the hill behind and that was the best piece of advice we ever received.


Climbing up the hill, we saw multiple buffalos and there was no one except us venturing towards the hill except for us and boy was the view rewarding.  I will let the pictures speak.


Fantastic views and probably the best sunset I’ve ever seen.

Where to Eat

Although we heard fantastic reviews about Nana’s both the time we visited, it was closed.

So here are our recommendations on where to eat in Kuta, Lombok.

  1. Warung Aldi’s

Located on the main strip of the touristy area in Kuta, Warung Aldi serves pasta, pizzas for $5 -$6 and the best PART happy hour cocktails for merely $3.50  from 6-8pm! Hurrah!


My garlick pizza which was really good, tasted like real oven toasted pizza and K’s Mushroom Chicken Pizza.

12941190_10153341224082191_2073124657_oMy Pina Colada, yumz.

2. Nuggets Corner

No surprise why this one is a crowd favourite, chilled out place with really good and affordable food.


12922097_10153341224922191_1944729262_o (1)

Would highly recommend it again for anyone who wants a good meal in Kuta, Lombok.

Till the next time!

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